FPU Update - Lesson 9 after May 21, 2019


Does this mean I need new Leader Materials?
It depends! You can easily download and print the updated digital coordinator guide PDF and stream the updated video lesson for FREE on financialpeace.com starting August 1. If you’d like updated physical Leader Materials, you can purchase t...
Can I exchange my current FPU member materials for the updated version?
Because Lesson 9 is the only lesson being updated, there’s no need to exchange previously purchased FPU member materials for new ones! Members can still use the current FPU member materials and download and print the updated Lesson 9 worksheet...
Can members still use the current FPU materials?
Yes, absolutely! Lesson 9 is the only section that’s changing, so they can still use the current FPU materials. They can also download and print the updated Lesson 9 for FREE in financialpeace.com when it becomes available on August 1. ...
When will the updated Lesson 9 be available on financialpeace.com?
On August 1, we’ll add the updated Lesson 9 video and worksheets to financialpeace.com. If you have questions about how this will affect your classes, please call your advisor.
If I buy FPU materials during presale, when will I get them?
Updated materials will be shipped to arrive no later than July 31. This means materials ordered during presale won’t ship within our normal window of 7–10 business days.
What’s being updated?
Dave and our team have been praying over this new lesson and believe it’s going to change so many lives! Lesson 9 will have a brand-new video featuring Dave, Chris and Rachel, and powerful new testimonies. There will be new testimonials and st...
How often can we expect updates to FPU?
We want FPU to have the newest and most relevant content available. So FPU will be updated as often as we feel is needed to make sure members have the best experience possible.
Will I still get EveryDollar Plus for free as a coordinator?
Yes, you will get access to  EveryDollar  Plus each year you lead a group.
When you make changes or update the lessons, will I get new DVDs? 
We will always  have the latest versions of our lessons available to stream through financialpeace.com, and updated DVDs are available with updated leader materials.
What’s included in the annual membership?
Members will receive the following with their initial annual membership activation: FPU  workbook, 12 month access to EveryDollar Plus, 12 months of financialpeace.com access which includes all lesson video content , digital too...
Will there be a non-digital version for rural areas?
Coordinators will still have access to DVDs. DVDs can be used anywhere, in any setting. Members will still need a workbook  for the best experience . However, without internet ,  they will not be able to access the online videos and t...
Can I still give Financial Peace University as a gift? 
Yes!  You can purchase an FPU membership for your friends or family.
What if I don’t have the ability to stream?
That's okay! The updated leader materials have DVDs with all 9 lessons, including the all-new Lesson 9. Contact your advisor if you have any questions.