Host Site Technical Requirements for The Smart Money Livestream

As a host location you'll need a computer with access to the internet and the ability to connect to a projector and speaker system. If you are streaming this event from your church, we strongly encourage you to speak with your network administrator to verify you have a wired (not wireless) connection. This will ensure that your stream has a constant connection and doesn't cut in and out during the event.

Most up-to-date browsers that support HTML5 or Flash can be used. Our team recommends Chrome or Safari for the best user experience. You will need an internet connection with download speeds of at least 10 mbps. As a point of reference, if your device can stream Netflix or Amazon Video, it is suitable for the livestream.

A week before the event, all host sites will receive an email with a link to test the livestream. The test should be run  in the same location the stream will be shown live the night of the event.