How Do I Find a Financial Peace University Group in my Area?

When you purchase your Financial Peace University membership you get immediate access to the FPU lessons and resources inside Now you no longer have to search or wait for a group to start in your area that fits life's crazy schedule. You can start your life changing journey today!

We still believe that the greatest life change and encouragement comes from a group setting, though. To get a sneak peak of available classes coming up in your area enter your city name and state under the See available groups in your area field on the Financial Peace University product page.

Once you've purchased your membership and accessed our Financial Peace University site, you'll be able to search for upcoming groups in any zip code through our new group finder page.

To sign up for a specific Financial Peace University group location: 

If you already know of a specific group that is coming up in your area reach out to the coordinator of that group and have them text or email the unique registration link for that group. The page should include details about the group, meeting time, and location. 

Before clicking register you'll need to choose one of the three options:

1. If you still need to purchase your membership choose " I need to purchase materials." 

2. If you have already received your materials but don't yet have access to, choose "I purchased materials and need to activate my membership." You'll then be asked for your activation code which came inside your FPU membership material. 

3. If you are already a member and have access to  choose "I am an existing member." 

The screen should look something like the image below. 

If you purchased your membership directly from the coordinator choose "I purchased materials and need to activate my membership." Then, find the  activation code  inside the membership material and  create a Financial Peace University account .