How Do I Get My One-Year Subscription of EveryDollar Plus?

Beginning in 2018, as part of your Financial Peace University membership you were promised a one year subscription to our premium version of the world's greatest budgeting tool: EveryDollar. Once you've established your account, here's how you'll begin your EveryDollar Plus subscription:

1. Click EveryDollar inside the left navigation

2. Click Sign in to EveryDollar

3. Sign in using the same credentials (email address and password) that you used with 

4. You should see a Welcome to EveryDollar Plus! message and be asked to connect your bank info. (If you don't want to connect your bank info right now just click the "X" to begin creating your budget).

5. You're good to go!!

Confirm your subscription by clicking Settings in the lower-left corner inside You should see "Plus" under your Profile Info and also an expiration date under your Renew Options: