I Can't Find My Activation Code

The FPU Membership activation code is only shipped out with gift orders. If you ordered your membership online you should have created an account either at the end of the purchase process or with the activation link provided in your order confirmation email.

New Users
If you cannot find your your activation code or that link, please contact our Customer Success team at fpumembersupport@daveramsey.com or (877) 410-3283 ext. 191. 

Returning Members
If you have previously taken Financial Peace University or have an older membership kit, please contact our Ramsey Care Team at (888) 227-3223.

Group Coordinators
FinancialPeace.com access is provided to you through the "3 Action Points" email that was sent to you when your group was registered in our system.  For more information please contact our Stewardship Support Team at stewardship.support@daveramsey.com or (877) 378-2667 ext. 1550. 

To verify your account, please provide as much detail about yourself, your class and your order as possible.