What is a Lifetime Membership?

If you purchased your FPU membership prior to 2012, you received a Lifetime Membership to the FPU Class. A Lifetime Membership means that you can bring your FPU workbook with you and attend any of our live classes held throughout the country. So if you need a refresher or want to see the updated content to keep the momentum going on your baby steps, you still can.

We are always adding new tools, like FPU Central, and a lifetime membership doesn’t include these tools. If your membership kit did not include an Activation Code, then you do not have access to FPU Central.

If you were using the prior online experience, The Member Resource Center, for budgeting forms and tools, check out EveryDollar.com, our cutting edge online budgeting tool that allows you to focus your money on what matters. It’s free and easy to use.

If you are interested in upgrading your membership to include access to FPU Central, we have special pricing available for you. Contact our Stewardship Support team at (877) 378-2667 ext. 1550 or email them at stewardship.support@daveramsey.com.

If you already have access to FPU Central, click here.