What happened to the CDs in the member materials?

The majority of FPU members believe the ability to listen again to an FPU lesson is essential to their learning experience. That’s why we make sure that every FPU member has the option to download an MP3 of the lesson to listen to on the go. In fact, many of our members now prefer MP3s over CDs.

In late spring of 2016, the FPU member materials will no longer include CDs. The MP3 audio files are available in FPU Central for members to download.

To download MP3 audio files in FPU Central:

  • Go to the Resources page, which can be found by selecting Resources in the top navigation from any page on the site.
  • Scroll down to the Audio Section where you can download any of the Lesson MP3’s.
  • You can then play the MP3 in your favorite player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.).