Why Do I Need to Validate My Account And How Can I Do This?

At Ramsey Solutions we're concerned about your security online and want you to verify your email address as the final step of the account creation process. It helps us know that someone else isn't trying to register using your email address. 

The verification email is sent automatically at the time of your sign up. Simply follow the link in the verification email that says "Verify Your Account." Some settings inside the site, such as changing your account information or resetting your password, require email verification.

Verifying your account should only takes a few minutes. We encourage all FinancialPeace.com users to take this verification step. If you need us to send the verification email again: 

 1. Log into your account at FinancialPeace.com.
 2. Click My Profile inside the left navigation  
 3. Click the "Send Verification Email" button to have the verification email sent again.
 4. Check your email and click the verification link.

For security reasons, the verification link will expire, so be sure to click the link as soon as it arrives in your inbox.